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Since 1964 Capmatic's unique packaging systems, unmatched passion for excellence and innovation have provided its customers the means to adapt to the changing market. Designed towards cGMP and FDA compliances like 21 CFR Part 11, e-pedigree and track & trace, Capmatic has managed to Manufacture high-quality Customized Packaging Equipment, from semi-auto to fully Automatic Packaging Systems and complete production lines. These packaging equipment include Unscramblers, Cleaners, Desiccant & Cotton Inserters, Filling Equipment, Electronic Tablet & Capsule Counters, Pluggers, Crimpers, Cappers and Labelers. Furthermore, Capmatic can provide extensive and personal assistance for developing validation documents to follow manufacturing process like GAMP® 5(Good Automated Manufacturing Practice). Capmatic continues to thrive on the latest Automation technologies using the most innovative design and modern methodology to Manufacture the finest in customized packaging systems and equipment and complete production lines for the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, Bio-Medical, Nutraceutical, Health Care, Cosmetic & Beauty Care, Chemical and Food & Beverage Industries.